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Apr 5, 2023 - Apr 29, 2023

ILS Program (Module 1)- Interconnectedness

  • 25Days
  • 2Steps


This six month journey will dive into topics, practices, and tools that will serve as life-skills. They are things we can learn to understand our inner worlds- thoughts, emotions, needs, and desires- so that we can start becoming aware of who we are, and then we can extend that awareness to others to better relate and connect with each other and the natural world around us- whom we are a part of. There will be 4 sessions per week, the first three are generally for kids and the last one is either project-based, or a session specifically designed for parents. The intention behind this format is for kids to see how the tools that we look at can be applied beyond a class setting. Moreover, it will be an overview for parents about what we are doing in class with students. We will also share ideas and exercises so that they can apply these tools for themselves as adults, plus additional resources to encourage further personal research, and an open space and community for dialogue. The main hope is that parents will begin applying the tools that resonate with them and will then begin to embody similar practices at home which in turn, makes it easier for kids to create these kinds of habits and practices.

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